Freya Personal CBD Sexual Lubricant

There are a variety of vaginal lubricant products available in the market which contains various ingredients. For women, vaginal lubrication is an important part of sexual arousal. It readies the vagina for penetration and reducing any accompanying friction or irritation. Pain during intercourse is often caused by inadequate lubrication.

Freya Personal CBD Lubricant has all-natural hemp oil in addition to other traditional ingredients which makes it superior then other products in the market.
Sexual Lubricant

Product Description

Freya Personal CBD Lubricant is inspired from the magical formula of Freya – the Norse Goddess of love. According to the Legend, The Goddess Freya once made a powerful love potion with the blessed nectar of the hemp plant and blended it with a special coconut and peppermint oil. Then she gifted this love potion to the oldest and wisest women on earth for all her unselfish work with her fellow man. The Goddess promised the women if she would apply the oil to herself and made love she would know a pleasure that she had never known before.

Product Details

Freya Personal CBD Lubricant is a combination product of coconut oil from Cocos Nucifera, Peppermint oil from Mentha piperita, and Hemp seed stalk oil from Cannbis sativa. It is available in 1g/1mL bottle for $19.99, manufactured under the license of Canna Products USA. The product is intended for lubrication as well as aphrodisiac. It is to be noted that aphrodisiacs are distinct from substances that address fertility issues such as impotence or secondary sexual dysfunction such as ED.



Depending on your region, this product might appear in a solid form.  For best results, pre-heat the bottle under hot tap water for 30-45 seconds and then shake it to return it to a useable liquid form. Keep in mind the following points prior to use:

  • Lubricant should be applied before sexual intercourse.
  • Apply whole bottle for complete natural long lasting moisture.
  • Always immediately remove and clean personal lubricant after using.
  • Freya Personal CBD Lubricant is an oil-based preparation and might cause genital infections in some individuals. Avoid use if you are sensitive to any listed ingredients.
  • This product is NOT compatible with any latex based items like condoms, toys, etc. This significantly increases the risk that the condom will leak or break. Polyurethane condoms do not break with oil-based lubricants.
  • This Product is NOT intended for use with medical instruments.

How does Sexual Lubricant work?

Vaginal lubricants are basically intended to avoid vaginal dryness. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, vaginal lubrication tends to increase and a process called vaginal tenting occurs. Natural lubricant is primarily produced by blood plasma leakage that is derived from the increase in blood to the vulva during the sexual excitement phase. Small glands known as Bartholin’s glands located around the vaginal opening also secrete mucus during arousal. Stimulating the sensitive nerves located in the vagina and surrounding tissue causes vasocongestion (engorgement of the genitalia) and lubrication.  The lubrication produced is typically clear and odorless but can vary from person to person. The amount of lubricant produced is dependent upon levels of arousal and hormone levels—particularly estrogen and progesterone.

Many people use a personal lubricant to enhance their sexual pleasure. Lubricants improve sex by making genital tissues moist, which decreases friction and makes intimate contact more pleasurable. Coconut oil has unique anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to be an excellent sexual lubricant for moisturizing the vaginal walls. Due to its anti-septic properties, it is also recommended for treating or preventing yeast infections.

Coconut oil is used as the lubricant base in this product. To make this product unique, peppermint oil is added to stimulate a sexual response. These sexual stimulants include biologically active ingredients, like menthol in peppermint oil, that create an actual effect on the body. Major component in peppermint oil are Menthol alcohol and an ester known as methyl acetate which are responsible for the characteristic odor and tingling sensation of peppermint. Despite the initial cooling sensation of peppermint oil, it actually has a warming effect on the blood. This dilates the blood vessels and aids the supply of oxygen-rich blood to various organs including the vagina among women. It also produces exciting sensation on the applied area which makes the erogenous zones in women more receptive to sexual pleasure.

In addition to this mixture, hemp seed oil is another aphrodisiac used as the wonder ingredient in this product. However, the dosage is added very precisely and its THC contents are only enough to produce its effects by activating the luteinizing hormone which then burst sex hormones production in the body. Studies have shown that small controlled doses are associated with heightened sexual experiences in both male and female subjects while high doses caused the opposite.

Sexual Lubricant


  1. Coconut oil, also known as Copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the Cocos Nucifera coconut palm. It has long been used as a vaginal lubricant.
  2. Peppermint oil is derived from the peppermint plant, a cross between water-mint and spear-mint, which thrives in Europe and North America. Its oil is commonly used as flavoring in foods and beverages and as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. It is also used for a variety of health conditions and can be taken orally in dietary supplements or topically as a skin cream or ointment. Beside its traditional uses, Peppermint was also known as an aphrodisiac since the time of ancient Greeks when the physician Galen advocated its use to arouse desire among women.
  3. Hemp oil is an extract from the cannabis plant. Hemp is often mistaken for marijuana, even though smoking an entire bag of hemp would not produce an altered state of consciousness, as hemp contains low levels of THC. Confusion between hemp and marijuana oil-based products has spiked recently. Consumers often confuse hemp oil with CBD oil because both are low in THC and contain CBD. Nonetheless, Hemp is a controversial crop in some regions of the world, due to concerns about its psychoactive properties. However, in some studies when an appropriate dosage of hemp was used, users reported that it increased sexual stamina and skill, tactile sensation, length and power of orgasms, and emotional bonding between partners.

When to expect results?

Freya Personal CBD Lubricant is applied to the area and should be left for few minutes before intercourse. It is an oil-based so it will tend to stay longer on the area than ordinary water-based lubricants.

To maximize your results

  • Apply the right amount of Lubricant. Try just using half bottle at first, and work up to the right amount for you.
  • After applying Freya Personal CBD Lubricant inside the vaginal opening with the applicator, wipe off any lubricant on your outside parts by using a tissue.
  • Try using the intra-vaginal applicators to apply Freya Personal CBD Lubricant inside. Your body makes natural fluids throughout the vaginal canal, not just at the opening of the vulva. Applying lubricant inside mimics your own fertile fluids and maximizes product’s effectiveness as a lubricant. Many women have never used an applicator for a lubricant, so it may seem different.
  • Apply your Freya Personal CBD Lubricant earlier. You can apply it while lying down in bed, right before intimacy or up to 30 minutes before love-making.
  • If things are too slippery during the middle of love-making, take a break and wipe both of you off by hand or with the sheet. This should make things just right when you start up again.
  • If you used Freya Personal CBD Lubricant and it wasn’t slippery enough, or it dried out too quickly, or it had a rubbery or tacky sensation, that means your tissues may be a bit low in moisture, and you may need to use an extra one.

Why do I like Sexual Lubricant?

Approximately 40% of females in the United States have reported inadequate lubrication during sexual activity, making it the second most common sexual difficulty reported by females after low arousal. Inadequate lubrication is a physiological sign that a female is insufficiently sexually aroused. Sexual arousal is both a psychological and physiological response, and females often become frustrated when their bodies do not reflect their psychological feelings of arousal. Without proper vaginal lubrication, intercourse can be painful and can result in bodily injuries, such as chaffing or tearing of the vaginal mucosa.

Freya Personal CBD Lubricant is a blend of herbal extracts that were carefully selected for its ability to heighten female sexual response, increase lubrication, and intensify orgasms. This product is fairly capable of enhancing sex drive and improving natural vaginal lubrication which also allows for renewed interest and passion for more frequent intercourse. The Cooling or tingling sensation of this lubricants is caused by a natural extract of peppermint. This increases the ordinary effect of lubrication to a new intensity.

Sexual Lubricant

Does Sexual Lubricant really work?

Naturally, a thin layer of moisture coats the vaginal walls. As soon as the female is sexually aroused, more blood flows to her pelvic organs, creating more lubricating vaginal fluid. But hormonal changes associated with menstrual cycle, aging, menopause, childbirth and breast-feeding may affect the amount and consistency of this moisture. In these cases, estrogen levels decline significantly which causes woman’s natural lubrication to decrease. As a result, sexual intercourse can become painful. Lubricants can help ease vaginal dryness and improve intercourse.

Inadequate lubrication may be caused by psychological or physical factors. For females, sexual unresponsiveness is often tied to psychological issues. Any negative emotion such as anxiety, guilt, or fear during sexual activity may cause a lack of vaginal lubrication. Past traumatic experiences related to sex may also interfere with sexual responsiveness. Females with histories of sexual abuse, rape, molestation, or other negative experiences may have aversive responses to sexual contact. Another possible psychological cause of inadequate lubrication is conflict between a female and her sexual partner.  Such feelings of stress cause the body to produce higher levels of the hormone epinephrine, which interferes with the body’s sexual response cycle and therefore impedes vaginal lubrication. Feelings of sexual anxiety or worries concerning sexual performance can also hinder the body’s natural sexual response.

Physical factors can induce vaginal dryness as well.Vaginal dryness is a common complaint among postmenopausal women due to changes in estrogen levels. Since vagina mucosas are sensitive to estrogen levels, postmenopausal females require more time for proper lubrication. Hormone treatment is a possible solution, in which estrogen tablets, creams, or slow-release rings may be administered orally or directly to the vagina. Hormone treatment increases estrogen levels in the body that are vital for natural lubricant production. Inadequate lubrication may also result from drug abuse or side effects of various medications. Antidepressants or antianxiety medication, tranquilizers, thaizides, spironolactone, narcotics, nicotine, alcohol, and sedatives impede sexual arousal and therefore inhibit natural lubrication. Diabetes, scleroderma, hypertension, and heart or kidney disorders are also associated with sexual unresponsiveness. In such instances, a medical doctor should be consulted for possible treatment options.

Canadian researchers studied sexual pleasure and pain sensitivity in women. They found that when women were aroused or partially-aroused, their genital pain sensitivity was higher than it was when the women were not aroused. In other words, the study subjects reported more pain when they were aroused. This finding led the researchers to think more about lubrication as a way to protect against sexual pain by decreasing pressure on the genitals.

There is another concern regarding the use of vaginal lubricants. Some brands of vaginal lubricants commonly recommended to couples undergoing fertility treatments may actually damage sperm and reduce the chance of conception. Researchers say vaginal lubricants are often recommended for relieving vaginal dryness in women undergoing fertility treatment. These results suggest that when mixed with sperm during intercourse, certain vaginal lubricants may affect sperm quality and decrease the potential for fertilization and conception.

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